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Ophélie Giralt is a French artist born in 1995 in Laon. Graduated from ETPA in Toulouse in 2020, she develops a multidisciplinary practice combining photography, set design and couture.

Between autobiography and documentary, in a poetic and introspective register, she works by linking the notion of territory with that of childhood. These photographs are characterized by capturing the essence of the places and people she photographs. She often uses soft and pastel colors to create a dreamlike atmosphere.

In 2019, she participated in the international campus of Promenades Photographgraphique de Vendôme on the subject “The praise of slowness” which will be the initiative for her work with children.

In 2021, she will present her series on the storybook "La Dame Verte" during the "Les Transphotographiques" Festival in Lille. Then in 2022 she exhibited "La Fille de L'Air" at the Solar Festival, Brazil (screening). During that same year, his ongoing work on Faroese legends was immortalized by the program “Échappées Belles”.

In addition, she also participates in the filming of the film “A Faroese Year” directed by Lucas Frayssinet as photographer and assistant from 2021 to 2023, a documentary focused on the specificities of Faroese culture.

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